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Create intuitive and scalable back-ends that work for you and your users

Back-end development is the core infrastructure keeping websites up and running. While all of this takes place under the hood, the impact it has on how your users interact with your site can not be ignored.

At EHD, our back-end development services are more than just keeping your servers, applications and database communicating with each other. We are committed to providing you with resilient and scalable platforms that meet and surpass your business objectives, while creating rewarding digital experiences that generate loyal users.

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Our Clients

Our back-end developers are maestros of their craft, empowered by years of experience and expertise building websites from scratch for some of Europe’s biggest brands.

From implementing specialised plugins and modules to complete custom functionality, we provide all types of bespoke backend integrations to fit your needs. Whether you need REST APIs or custom CMS and Elearning solutions, a technical solution is always there, and we will help you find it.

Why Agencies Choose Us


Our scope goes beyond the finish line as we always consider future scalability.

Commercial viability

Thanks to our expertise, we can optimize and save costs where possible.

Zero bloat

We provide exactly what’s needed by tailoring our solutions to your requirements and your end user’s benefit.

Quality assurance

Everything is tested to the nth degree to not only make sure it works, but so that it can never be broken.

Gotta go fast

Impatient users are unhappy users, which is why our builds regularly hit 98% site speed scores.

Mobile-first functionality

Our developers are highly skilled at providing responsive, scalable and adaptable solutions for all devices.

Super support

We respond to all client requests within 2 hours.

High EXP

Our development team have over 10 years’ experience delivering builds to Europe’s biggest brands.

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