With thousands of businesses in the UK waiting for the outstanding payment on their invoices, Funding Invoice provides a fast and effective invoice finance solution to help businesses stay on top of the cash flow.

Energy House Digital were delighted to work with Funding Invoice on re-branding and re-designing the company website, helping to maximise enquiries for invoice financing and investments into small businesses.

And that’s where we came in!


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The Opportunity

Funding Invoice began in June 2015 and has quickly established into one of the leading invoice finance companies in the UK, working closely with fashion brands, retailers, contractors and those providing fast moving consumer products.

The opportunity emerged to work with Funding Invoice to create a high quality website that matched their esteemed reputation and position in the industry. The chance to generate new business and work with small companies presents the opportunity to become life-long customers and help SMEs grow too.

With their investor product, people can invest into small businesses and earn good returns on secure, diversified investments.

From Execution to Delivery

With a focused branding and UX workshop with the Funding Invoice team, we roadmapped the entire customer journey and pinpointed various key aspects including how people use the site and what would (and would not) make them convert into enquiries.

In terms of design, we opted for a long scrolling style allowing users to journey down the homepage and see different USPs and key points of the business proposition.

To increase engagement, we included strapline “Why wait x amount of days for your invoices to be paid” with a ticker on the number of days. We added some more images of humans and customers to show the close relationship that Funding Invoice have with their customers and also a calculator so users can map out their borrowing facility and repayments accordingly.

Increasing Visibility on Google

The new Funding Invoice website was built with search engine optimisation in mind (SEO). All the landing pages were mapped out accordingly with special attention to putting information above the fold, the amount of text per page, site speed and usability on a mobile. The result showed an enormous jump in search positions within the first month of the project going live.

“We have been incredibly impressed with EHD from start to finish. The whole team has been very professional and they have delivered results on time. We are very excited about our better rankings on Google and have been delighted with the noticeable increase in enquiries so early on.”

Founder and CEO, Funding Invoice