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Operating in 22 countries, from over 650 locations with a turnover of €2.3 billion in 2018, RUBIX Group is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services.

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Project Overview

Service: Web Development

Platform: Wordpress

RUBIX Group came to EHD with the monumental task of overhauling their website. They wanted to completely change the way they managed the site’s back-end, but with the added caveat of keeping the same look and feel on the front-end.

A key part of making the website more manageable for RUBIX, was also moving away from single, scrolling pages to something more dynamic and user friendly. The restrictive elements of these pages were stifling the site’s performance, as well as it’s SEO.

Our Solution

Given the nature of the content on the website, we decided to forego traditional CMS systems and instead went with a decoupled approach to keep the site’s current content and style intact.

To achieve this without any future complications for RUBIX, we went with WordPress as our CMS of choice. This allowed us to rebuild the website fairly quickly and export a static version of the site, which offered greater performance and security benefits.

Following this, we then recommended breaking up the long-scrolling single-pages into separate subpages. This allowed for easier and clearer navigation through the site, and provided us with more opportunities to implement more SEO-friendly content.

Their Results

-14.8% Drop In Bounce Rate
98/100 Google Site Speed Score
+37.6% Increase in Organic Traffic

By introducing the new streamlined CMS/back end, we vastly improved the technical performance of the site, which then, in turn, improved the site’s SEO and user experience.

The new site hit the ground running by acing Google’s Site Speed test with a near-perfect score of 98/100. This enhancement led to significant drops in bounce rates and higher engagement metrics.

Restructuring the website into separate subpages also saw a +37.59% improvement in organic traffic. This significant rise can be attributed to both search engine’s preference for faster loading pages, and the fact that the site now had the ability to rank for a wider variety of keywords.

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