We’ve been pharma giant Bayer Healthcare’s Digital Partner of choice since 2013, working on all types and sizes of projects for their Animal Health, Consumer Health and Pharmaceutical divisions.

Since then, we’ve delivered loads of websites and a mobile application for healthcare professionals, patients and pet owners on Bayer’s approved content management platform, TeamSite.

We’ve worked hard to push the boundaries of what was thought to be achievable on TeamSite overcoming any platform constraints in order to provide Bayer with all they need to continue to drive results in all project areas.

Needless to say, our partnership with Bayer is one that we’re extremely proud of.

Project Highlights

Animal Health

Centralising & Personalising Product Knowledge with Bayer Vet Centre

Bayer needed a single access point and knowledge source for all Bayer Animal Health product information to make it really easy for vet practices to access the exact data they need, when they need it.

So we developed Bayer Vet Centre – a best in class single ‘go to’ hub for all existing product information, resources and business support materials right across the Bayer Animal Health range. The portal combines webinars and online tests, with dynamic content that’s specifically customised to the user to provide an engaging, personalised and relevant experience that keeps this demanding audience coming back for more.

Through our phased release approach, we’ve dramatically increased engagement from Veterinary Practices and Team Members and successfully brought well over 7,000 registered users to the portal.


Registered Users


Avg. Time On Site


Avg. Conversion Rate

Reuniting Pets with their owners with Tracer Advance Microchips

When your pet goes missing the feeling can be devastating. So Bayer Animal Health developed the Tracer Advance Microchip to help pet owners ensure they’ve got the best chance of being reunited with their animal companions safe and sound and fast.

And we developed the Tracer Advance website. It not only highlights the benefits of Tracer Advance and microchipping, but also interfaces with Petlog, the UK’s largest pet microchip database – allowing Veterinary professionals to easily register new microchips and trace found animals.

24% Increase

New Visitors


Avg. Time On Site

Raising Awareness of the Dangers of Lungworm

For this project, we developed a website as a platform for the ‘Act Against Lungworm’ campaign, established to raise awareness of the dangers of this serious and sometimes deadly parasite in our furry friends and how to prevent against and treat it.

The website not only provides the campaign with a platform for all key information about the Lungworm parasite and the preventative measures and treatments available. It also engages users through video interviews with affected pet owners to help highlight its seriousness, an interactive quiz as a fun way to learn more and a Lungworm Map which collates and reports on Lungworm cases in a user’s area – identifying the local level of risk.

The result? Well, all of this dramatically increased the number of new users by 115%, site engagement by 60% and most importantly drove the end goal – to continue to raise awareness of this parasite among pet owners – by reaching over 1.5 thousand pet owners each and every day.

115% Increase

New Visitors

60% Increase

Page Views

I cannot fault the EHD team’s commitment to the Bayer Vet Centre project – as always, they are passionate about delivering the most highest quality website possible, and even when faced with challenging situations, always strive to find an efficient solution. EHD can be relied on to provide premier quality project management and I am always confident they will fully support the project right through to completion, and beyond.

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