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Operating in Perth, Western Australia, Mr Wet Wall is Australia’s leading online retailer specialising in wet wall panels, vinyl flooring, ceiling panels and DIY bathroom refurbishments.

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Project Overview

Service: Web Development | CRO/UX | SEO

Platform: WordPress | Woocommerce

Mr Wet Wall came to EHD with the goal of moving away from their existing WIX platform, as it was fast approaching the end of its life. One of their biggest issues with WIX is that it does not facilitate eCommerce and has usability, site speed and performance issues.

Usability and site speed were two of the main contributing factors that impacted the website’s conversion rate. It lacked compelling visuals, trust signals and product marketing to educate visitors on the product’s uses and benefits. As a result, Mr Wet Wall was missing out on opportunities to educate and convert website visitors.

WIX’s restrictive features also stifled the site’s SEO, search visibility and sales. We knew that we’d need to create a mobile-friendly, fully customisable shopfront that’d be usable across all devices, moving away from a confined content management system to one that’s more dynamic and user friendly.

Our Solution

EHD – in partnership with Digivate – took on the project with the knowledge that our responsive conversion rate and web development experience and hosting capabilities could really help Mr Wet Wall on their way to success.

Our expert team of developers, designers, CRO consultants and project managers helped redesign the website’s information architecture and key user journeys, before rebuilding the site on the WordPress platform (utilising the Woocommerce plugin), with significant improvements to the user experience.

Eschewing frameworks in favour of a pattern library approach, the new site includes smart search functionality, allowing visitors to find products more easily.

We tightened up unnecessarily long visitor journeys, built a wall panel calculator, added quick sampling to the shopping cart and implemented multiple forms including a contact form, request a quote form and request a callback form. We introduced multiple payment options, including Afterpay, which allow users to pay in instalments. We custom-built two bespoke systems for freight management: a quoting system and backend TNT integration.

Our CRO team also supported the development team in implementing designs and functionality from a psychological perspective during the course of the site’s rebuild and redesign.

This isn’t everything that our experts worked on, but it gives you a good idea of how granular we went to optimise the website in order to maximise the number of conversions and value derived from the website traffic.

Their Results

+37.3% Increase in Conversion Rate in Under 2 Weeks
+36.9% Increase in Google Site Speed Score
-53.7% Decrease in Average Page Load Time

Within the first few months of working together, EHD and Digivate redesigned Mr Wet Wall’s website into a mobile-first, award-winning eCommerce shopping experience. With a fresh brand look, clear user journey and enhanced product marketing in place, Mr Wet Wall’s conversion rates grew by 37.3% in the first two weeks, with a +22.6% increase in the site’s organic traffic. We also decreased the average page load time by -53.7%, increasing the website’s overall SEO and security rankings.

By actioning every incremental gain possible, noted by our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experts, and approaching the project with a client-first attitude, we were able to achieve such transformational improvements. Mr Wet Wall instantly began generating more customers, leads and revenue, which could be tied directly to the launch of the new website in December 2020.

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