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Breelib is a medical device – known as a nebuliser – owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer AG. A Nebuliser turns liquid drugs into a fine mist which a patient can breathe into their lungs to help with their symptoms.

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Project Overview

Service: Design + Web Development

Platform: TeamSite

Bayer AG needed a website to present all the information to their patients regarding their Breelib product. As the site dealt with a technical and highly important medical device, the information needed had to be presented to users in a clear and understandable fashion.

The website would need to account for their target audience, so accessibility and ease-of-use was a priority. Ultimately, users would need to understand how to use Breelib, how to set it up and more importantly, what to do if something goes wrong.

Our Solution

Using TeamSite, we created a fully editable site that presented users with clear and understandable resources to help patients learn how to use the Breelib nebuliser.

To achieve this, we implemented an interactive troubleshooting section with descriptions and videos to guide the patients through the troubleshooting process to either find a solution or present them with options. This also involved creating a video call request form to give the patients an option to get a video call help within 1-2 hours.

To ensure that the site catered to Breelib’s target audience, we used large elements in our layouts alongside accessibility, ease-of-use elements and custom iconography.

Additionally, SEO work was carried out on the site in collaboration with Digivate’s Digital Marketing team to ensure the user experience was as smooth as possible.

Their Results

The end result was a beautiful and fully responsive website that give patients all the information on how to use, how to troubleshoot and how to travel with the Breelib device.

By creating interactive troubleshooting sections with accessible videos and imagery, patients are able to access relevant information without any complications.

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