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Imperial College London is home to the greatest concentration of high-impact research of any major UK university, and we’ve been their digital partner since 2014.

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Project Overview


Platform: DRUPAL

EHD was brought in to support the Imperial College London’s Enterprise Division’s mission to connect university research with industry and businesses right across the UK and Europe.

Since then, we’ve worked on a whole variety of projects, building a number of websites to raise awareness, increase engagement and successfully help drive their vision forwards.

Our Solution

We’ve worked with ICL on multiple projects, here are our favourite highlights from our partnership.

Perform 2020

Managing patients with fever is one of the most common problems facing the healthcare industry worldwide and distinguishing between trivial, self-resolving infections and those that are more serious is clinically very difficult.

Perform 2020 is an Imperial College EU funded campaign which aims to help improve the diagnosis of fever through new clinical markers – reducing misdiagnosis, wasted resources and unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

So how did we help? Well, in order to provide project partners with all of the necessary resources, in one place and at the click of a button, we developed a responsive Drupal-based website which would further aid in promoting the project and successfully drive campaign awareness right across Europe.

3D Tune-In

Not being able to hear properly can be very isolating and can lead to barriers to inclusion, and more than a doubled risk of depression in older people. There are currently over 90 million people in Europe suffering from some form of hearing loss.

So 3D Tune-in is a much needed Imperial College EU funded project, which addresses the need for a better understanding in the field of hearing aid technologies and their capabilities, whilst also raising awareness for the associated problems among those without hearing problems. How? By linking the hearing device market with the fast-growing game-based learning market.

We were asked to develop a responsive website on a Drupal CMS to act as a repository, help promote the project and provide information on both a toolkit and variety of gaming applications. So that’s exactly what we did, creating both a central and restricted access repository, whilst bringing a total of over 12 thousand users to the site.


A major worldwide issue, bacterial infection is one of the leading causes of disability and death in children worldwide – accounting for over 255 child deaths a year.

EUCLIDS is a 5-year project, funded by the EU, established to seek solutions to the more severe of these childhood bacterial infections. Connecting 200 top investigators, EUCLIDS aims to conduct a large-scale study into understanding the genetic basis for susceptibility to these major childhood infections.

To help support this mission, we developed a responsive website built on Drupal to generate recognition of the project and act as a centralised resource for educational material and further project resources successfully raising project awareness right across Europe.

Their Results

Thanks to our work across multiple projects and websites, we have successfully helped Imperial College London raise awareness on highly important medical issues, increased engagement on their digital platforms and successfully helped drive their vision forward.

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