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Operating in 95 countries, Upfield is the world’s largest plant-based consumer packaged goods company. The company owns some of the most well-known brands of margarine and other food spreads, including Flora, Blue Band, Stork, Becel, Country Crock and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

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Project Overview

Service: Web Development

Platform: Wordpress

In 2018, Upfield came to us with a request to build a corporate and investor relations website following their transition from the Unilever brand. This new site would be a key strategic element in their migration, educating employees, shareholders and customers on the new brand’s values and vision.

Upfield also needed specific contact functionality to connect their enquiries directly to their customer care team. Not only did this contact area need to be secure on an enterprise level, but it would also need to be available in over 40 languages and connect to the many regional websites under the Upfield umbrella.

Our Solution

We decided to go with WordPress as our CMS of choice as Upfield was already familiar with the platform, having used it in the past. Hosting and security tweaks were then carried out to ensure compliance with their strict security requirements.

The site, as it previously stood, made use of reusable components such as CTA blocks, galleries, dividers, etc. To make the website more manageable for the Upfield team, we standardized all of these components to avoid having a completely different template for every single page.

After releasing the website, we moved our sights onto building a robust contact form that connected their customers directly to their customer care team. The form was designed to be as easy to use as possible and guided users to only submit relevant information related to their query. We used strict and methodological enterprise-level security measures to ensure that the data taken from these forms was delivered into safe hands.

The form then grew into a central contact hub for Upfield’s numerous regional websites, allowing customers to easily submit feedback in over 40 languages.

Following the site’s refresh, we utilised Greenhouse API integration to fetch all the jobs from Upfield’s central jobs database to make listing and application submission possible. This allowed us to customise the visuals on the website, while still keeping the entire process centralised on their job platform.

Finally, we reskinned their investor relations portal to make it more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and easier to use.

Their Results

+28.5% Increase in Sessions
+6.78% Increase in Avg. Session Durations
-4.62% Decrease in Bounce Rate

The website has helped to establish the new brand’s values and vision to both external and internal stakeholders as well as providing crucial business interactions such as job search, product enquiries, investor and media relations. We also succeeded in streamlining the site’s back end, making it far easier for Upfield to edit their content.

In the month following the launch, we saw engagement metrics rise with a +28.5% increase in sessions and a +6.78% increase in average session durations. The site’s overall user experience vastly improved, with a -4.62% decrease in bounce rate.

To top it all off, the newly implemented contact hub worked flawlessly, receiving 12,597 submissions in its first year alone.

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