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We’re EHD. Paid social specialists based in Shoreditch, London. So, you’re looking to take on the world of visual advertising? You’d be crazy not to, right? With visual messages absorbed 60,000 times faster than text – it’s more of a ‘how do I do it?’ than a ‘shall I do it?’.

But why Pinterest? That’s the real question. The answer – content, targeting and primarily – intent. Because whilst Pinterest might have a smaller audience than Instagram and other social media platforms – you know that users have gone there with the intention of gathering ideas and inspiration.

In fact, Pinterest is the shoppers’ social media platform of choice, with 55% of users utilising the site for their shopping in 2016. With careful targeting, we’re able to increase engagement through Pinterest really quite dramatically, giving you the best return on your PPC investment overall.

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We are a trusted PPC agency, are Google and Bing Partners and have extensive experience in creating and optimising Pinterest Ad Campaigns.

How does it work?

Just in case you’re not a Pinterest enthusiast, Pinterest works (as the name suggests) by pinning on virtual pin boards. Create a board on dogs for example and you can pin any poochy posts from other users or even websites to your board.

Pinterest offer three types of ad campaign for advertisers, dependant on your business goals. Looking to raise awareness? Pay per 1,000 impressions. Looking to increase engagement? Pay per action. Looking to increase traffic? No problem, pay per click through to your site.

We’ll further utilise Pinterest’s extensive targeting options, ensuring your ad is seen by all the right eyeballs, and bid at a price which is right for you and your business – so no nasty surprises!


As mentioned above, Pinterest’s biggest advantage is the intent of users and shoppers. 2 million people pin product pins on Pinterest every single day, so there’s a real market for your ads.

Visual messaging

Pinterest is all about visual messaging, meaning it offers a natural advantage over its text based counterparts (remember, they’re absorbed 60,000 times faster!), and the opportunity for greater engagement as a result.

Blend in

Pinterest is all about gathering ideas, and less about being ‘social’ so to speak. It’s therefore much easier to blend in with user’s feeds – do it right and users won’t realise they’re actually ads at all (we’re masters of illusion here at EHD HQ).

Advanced targeting

Pinterest offers an extensive range of targeting options to home in on those users you really want – location, device, demographic, interests, existing customers and even ‘act alike’ audiences, similar to pinners already engaging with you.


Pinterest’s conversion tracking allows you to track page visits, sign-ups, purchases, and custom conversions like re-pins and close-ups. We’ll closely monitor this data, optimising your campaign from start to finish.

No result, no fee

We’ll bid at a price that’s right for you and your business, and you’ll only play when you get your chosen outcome. What’s more, Pinterest works on a second-price auction model – so you’ll only pay what’s needed to top the next highest bidder.

Need help integrating Pinterest into your PPC advertising? Let’s talk.

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