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We’re EHD. Paid social specialists based in Shoreditch, London. So, you’re looking to advertise on the social giant that is Facebook? With over 2 billion users worldwide, you’d be crazy not to, right? Well, we agree.  But what if we told you we believe that Facebook’s phenomenal audience is just one of many reasons to integrate Facebook into your paid search plan.

You see, unlike AdWords, which targets an audience based on their search, Facebook offers highly specific targeting, based around a user’s whole demographic, as well as their actions and interests.

This allows our experts to carry out ad refinement which is subtle, really quite impressive (and just a touch scary!), targeting users by age, location, interests, behaviours, connections, relationship status, gender, and a whole lot more. This means your ads are far more likely to be really relevant – one of the key aspects of people responding to any offer. Yours included.

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We are a trusted PPC agency, are Google and Bing Partners and have extensive experience creating and optimising Facebook Ad Campaigns.

How does Facebook Advertising work?

Facebook offers a whole range of bidding options, which we can tailor to optimise your campaign and deliver on your marcoms objectives. The platform consists of three key ad placement types – newsfeed ads, mobile newsfeed ads and right-hand ads.

Newsfeed ads are the most prominent, and appear in a user’s newsfeed when using a desktop or tablet device. Mobile newsfeed ads are much the same, but as the name suggests, only apply when using a mobile device. Right-hand ads – also only available on desktop ­– are slightly less intrusive, appearing on the right-hand side of a user’s Facebook page under ‘trending’ topics.

Impressive targeting

Targeting users based on their demographic, actions and interests, our strategists will tailor your campaign to your specific audience, ensuring your ads are relevant to the eyeballs you get, and giving you the best possible return on your budget.

Budget control

We’ll set the budget at what’s right for you, your campaign and your business. With Facebook offering a minimum bid of just £1 a day, that budget can be as small or as large as you think it needs to be.

Large audience

Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide, so you can pretty much guarantee that the vast majority – if not all – of your target audience will be there. Our job is simply finding them.

Advanced tracking

Facebook provides performance data to measure leads, impressions and interactions with your ad. We’ll then analyse this data and make relevant changes to optimise the return on your investment.

Bidding control

Facebook offers different bidding structures for different campaign objectives. So, whether you’re looking for brand exposure or a more active engagement, we can tailor your ad to best achieve that.

No result, no fee

With Facebook advertising, you only pay them for agreed results. We’ll bid at a price which is right for you, and you’ll only be charged when your bid is successful and only in line with your relevant bidding structure.

Need help setting up your Facebook advertising? Let’s talk.

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