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We’re EHD. Paid search specialists based in Shoreditch, London. So, you’re interested in advertising on Bing? Well you’re in luck! Because whilst many advertisers will select Google over Bing, we believe in using the two seamlessly together.

Why? Because whilst Bing only holds roughly 10% of the search engine market share, this could in fact work to your advantage. That’s right – their lower market share has led to less competition, cheaper costs per click, better ad positions and as a result, higher click-through rates.

By carefully integrating Bing into your paid search, and with close monitoring from our PPC experts, we can continue to optimise your ads throughout the whole process – dramatically increasing the return you get on your campaign budget.

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We are a trusted PPC agency and are Google and Bing Partners. We have a proven track record with over 10 years of experience.

What is Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is the advertising platform used to display ads across the Bing Network, including Bing.com, Yahoo.com and AOL.com. It largely follows the same format as Google AdWords, holding ‘auctions’ to determine which ads are shown either directly below the search bar, or on the right-hand side of their pages.

This ‘auction’ approach uses three key variables to determine whether or not your ad is shown – the bid amount, the relevancy of your ad and the landing page experience. Bing Ads allows for highly selective targeting at a fraction of Google’s price, allowing you to carefully tailor and control your budget.

Advanced tracking

Bing Ads provides performance data to measure leads and sales, website traffic and brand awareness. We’ll then analyse this data and make relevant changes to optimise the return on your campaign budget.

Top ad positioning

Lower levels of competition mean that Bing Ads allows for higher ad positioning than Google AdWords, and better click-through rates as a result.

Cheaper costs

Lower levels of competition also mean cheaper costs per click and more bang for your buck. In fact, on average, Bing is consistently more than 3x cheaper to advertise across than Google.

Targeted ads

Due to less competition, it’s far easier to avoid exceeding your daily budget and be highly selective in your targeting when using Bing Ads, whether it be by demographic, location, device, income or previous activity.

Platform agnostic

Advertise across a whole range of different platforms and channels, and interact with consumers no matter how they’re accessing the Bing Network – whether it be tablet, mobile phone, computer or even app.

No result, no fee

With Bing Ads you’re in complete control of your budget and spend. We’ll bid at a price which is right for you, your business and your campaign, and you’ll only pay Bing when someone clicks or interacts with your ad.

Need specialist help integrating Bing into your paid search advertising? Let’s talk.

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