For most people, having a child is the most momentous event in their lives, and the health of their child both during birth and forever afterwards is their fundamental priority.

This is something the Portland Hospital knows only too well. They are the UK’s largest private children’s hospital and leading private maternity hospital, delivering more than 1,600 children every year.

The issue? Well, HCA Healthcare were dissatisfied with the Portland’s digital marketing performance. They called us in to carry out a full audit and improve search marketing performance levels – opening the Portland Street Hospital up to more women and children as a result.

Highlight Activity

Re-directing Keyword Spend

We freed up budget by eliminating unnecessary spend on keywords that were delivering low conversions and instead, focused our efforts on the areas that were performing well. Not only did this dramatically improve performance, but also resulted in substantial budget savings – a 31% decrease in spend. More for less!

SEO and Display Ads

We improved performance by optimising the website content and testing new ad copy with great success, resulting in a more than 4% engagement rate on Facebook Ads and an increase of more than 160% on paid search enquiry forms.


Decrease in Spend


Engagement Rate on Facebook Ads


Increase in Enquiries from Paid Search

“I was googling which hospital is the best one… and the Portland Hospital was the top one that popped up”

Hui, Five Star Babies: Inside Portland Hospital, BBC2

Referral Marketing

We placed articles and reviews for The Portland Hospital on highly influential websites, resulting in greater online visibility. This included more than 126% increase in organic traffic, more than 105% increase in calls and just under 1,000% increase in on-line enquiries.


Increase in organic Traffic


Increase in Calls


Increase in on-line Enquiries

With a well thought out AdWords campaign we have been able to decrease the average cost per click by 18%, increase goal conversions by 4%, increase average visit duration by 20% and this has all been achieved while spending 31% less on AdWords.

Marketing Coordinator, The Portland Hospital