We’re a digital agency with a difference, and that difference is our relationship with you. We work to form long lasting partnerships, plugging in our digital expertise to make your business even more successful.

As true specialists focused only on digital marketing and production, we work with you to identify and capitalise on genuine digital opportunities, driving growth, efficiency and competitive advantage.

So we don’t want to just be your agency, but rather your digital partner. An extension of your organisation who truly understand how digital works and who push hard to deliver your success. We’re a partner that evolves as fast as digital does to ensure you’re always one step ahead of the rest.

A partner whose platform agnostic approach means we mould to fit your agenda, rather than pushing our own. A partner that provides strategic digital thinking without compromising on how we execute for you. A partner that cares about results and how we achieve them. A partner that is committed to your success because our success depends on it.

That’s a digital partnership by EHD.

How we work

As specialists in digital marketing and digital production, we act as your go-to partner, cutting through the digital noise and providing you with real opportunities to drive both growth and effectiveness.

Digital Opportunities.
Digital Marketing.
Digital Production.
Measure Return.
Optimise & Refine.

How do we do that? The initial step is working with you to establish your unique organisational digital opportunities and challenges, closely followed by an analysis of your market and competitors. We then combine this knowledge with our complete understanding of digital to develop a result focused digital programme.

This will highlight the different opportunities available to you and the expected return from each activity. We then plug in our team of digital, in house specialists, who will execute – be that the production of new online experiences or developing digital campaigns.

In order to give you an idea of what this might look like, we think it’s key to understand that no two challenges in business, and as a result, no two solutions will ever be the same. New experiences could be as simple as the creation of a microsite through to developing more complex platforms such as e-commerce or e-learning – we’ve even been known to build a peer-to-peer lending platform when the need arose.

Digital campaigns on the other hand could range from driving traffic via search marketing through to running brand awareness and demand generation advertising across new online social media channels like Facebook Twitter & Instagram. The only one rule is that all activity must be digital and it must deliver our clients a measurable return.

How do we measure return? All our activity is tracked with web analytics to benchmark performance. We closely monitor results and use analytics data to continuously identify new opportunities and areas for improvement. And as you know, digital doesn’t stay still for very long, but with a digital partnership you can stay ahead of the game, working with us to efficiently adapt as needs and technologies change. The only constant is our continued dedication to you and our drive to make your digital standing the most successful that it can be.

Our Team

Our Values

Technology & Platform Agnostic

No two problems are the same, so why apply the same solution? We maintain an “agnostic” approach so that we can always apply the best technology, tools & platforms for the job.

Success Breeds Success

We will only work with clients if we truly believe we can make them more successful. That’s not altruism, we just know that we only grow when our clients grow.

Yes we can

Yes we can is the motto we live by and we were saying it long before the other guy did and we’ll still be saying it long after you’ve forgotten who the other guy was.

We don’t do hot air

We always say it how it is. No nonsense, no spin and no hiding behind jargon. We’ll only ever recommend something if we believe in it.

One old fashioned, straight

EHD was founded on the back of delivering good old fashioned, down-to-earth service values and to this day it’s still core to how we work.

Long-haul collaboration wins

We aim to support and develop client relationships over the long-haul. That’s why we enjoy excellent client retention.