Digital Marketing

Google Penalty Recovery

Have you been hit by a Google penalty? Have your rankings and site traffic suddenly dropped through the floor? If this sounds familiar it’s likely you will have already seen a sharp decline in online business and you will need to act fast to bring your site ranking back up.

Why have you been hit by a penalty? Over the past few years Google has updated their algorithms to penalise ‘over optimised’ websites in favour of more natural online marketing. That means you may have upset the Google Gods if you have ever in the past used a high quantity of low value links to get better rankings. The good new is we can help work out why your site has been penalised and remove the offending links to help you recover your rankings.

Investigate: We undertake an in depth audit of all the links pointing to your website and identify any links that do not adhere to best practice and which may be causing your penalty.

Link removal: We contact every individual webmaster to request they remove the links to your site and document the process.

Content Marketing: Once the penalty is lifted we can support you in building your website’s visibility back to its former glory with a content marketing campaign that builds natural links, brand awareness and ultimately, higher rankings.

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