Search Marketing for a World Leader


HCA is the world’s largest private hospital group with each hospital a centre of excellence.

The world renowned Portland Hospital, not satisfied with its search marketing performance, invited EHD to carry out a full audit.


Our Approach

A complete overhaul

  • Freed up budget by preventing spend keywords delivering low conversions and focusing on areas that were performing well.
  • Improved performance by optimising website content and testing new ad copy
  • Place articles and reviews for The Portland Hospital on highly influential websites.


Budget savings plus a dramatic improvement in performance and ROI

  • Significant increase in rankings, some as high as 100 positions
  • 20% increase in average visit duration, 4% increase in conversions and a 31% decrease in spend


What They Said

With a well thought out AdWords campaign we have been able to decrease the average cost per click by 18%, increase goal conversions by 4%, increase average visit duration by 20% and this has all been achieved while spending 31% less on AdWords.

The Portland Hospital
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