A Feature Rich Knowledge Base for Bayer


Bayer, a global pharmaceutical company, invited EHD to develop Bayer Vet Centre.

An ongoing and extremely ambitious project, Bayer Vet Centre unites existing product information, resources and business support materials across the Bayer Animal Health product range, into a single portal for Veterinary Professionals.

Our Approach

Development of a feature-rich knowledge hub

EHD developed the entire Bayer Vet Centre portal with a phased release approach.

This included:

  • Development of a Knowledge Centre where reading materials, online tests and webinars can be accessed
  • Aggregating content from across many of the existing Bayer Animal Health websites and consolidating within Bayer Vet Centre
  • Development of dynamic content functionality to show content only relevant to that particular user
  • Ongoing email marketing campaigns sent to segmented groups to engage relevant users with site updates and new releases

Built with expansion in mind, BVC continues to evolve incorporating new consumer campaigns as they are introduced to the market.




A larger, more engaged user base  and ever growing repository of content

  • A significant increase in the number of engaged and better informed Veterinary Practices and Team Members.
  • An ever expanding knowledge hub for Veterinary Professionals who use Bayer Animal Health Products


What They Said

I cannot fault the EHD teams commitment to the Bayer Vet Centre project – as always, they are passionate about delivering the most highest quality website possible, and even when faced with challenging situations, always strive to find an efficient solution. EHD can be relied on to provide premier quality project management and I am always confident they will fully support the project right through to completion, and beyond.

Digital Product Manager, Bayer Animal Health
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